Truths for Trials: 25 Bible Verse Cards for Difficult Times
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Truths for Trials: 25 Bible Verse Cards for Difficult Times

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These 25 printable Bible verse cards will remind you of the hope and comfort that God offers us, especially in the midst of hardship and brokenness. Post them around your home, in the car or at work and be sustained throughout the day and night by these truths from God’s Word. 

Learn more about these verse cards here.

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*PLEASE READ–How Permissions Work for this Printable:

We had to sign a contract with Biblica (NIV’s permissions division) because of our use of the NIV verses. So these verse cards are copyrighted by law and have some limitations. So, here’s what this means practically for the purchaser:

  1. You may not pass along this PDF to anyone else, sell or receive any contributions in exchange for these cards.
  2. You will need to purchase one set for each person you intend to distribute them to. i.e. If you want one set for yourself and another for your friend’s baby shower, you need to purchase two sets.
  3. You may print this PDF for yourself as many times you like, though. We understand that you might lose them, spill your coffee all over them, or a toddler may use them as a coloring book.
  4. Bulk Rate or Ministry Group Rate: If you want to print more than 5, contact us and we’d be happy to give you a discount on additional sets. Ministry Group Rate: If you want to give these away in bulk in a church or ministry setting, please email us to explain your situation. We want to work out a group rate that fits your budget to help you get these verse cards to those who need them.